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At Temple Har Zion, we celebrate a number of special Shabbatot during the year. Guests are welcome at all of our Shabbat services.

Outdoor Services: Once a month during the summer, we hold our 6:30pm Erev Shabbat worship in our beautiful Davis-Yacht Garden. Surrounded by nature, we connect to the grandeur of God’s Creation and celebrate Shabbat before the stunning tapestry created by one of our members, Lisa Rose.

Shabbat Shirah—The Sabbath of Song: Shabbat Shirah takes place on the Shabbat morning on which we read Parashat Beshalach, the Torah portion which includes the Song of the Sea. This song, which Moses, Miriam, and the Children of Israel sang after crossing the Sea of Reeds, has a special melody sung only for this text. Our entire Beit Midrash comes for a joyous, family-friendly service featuring lots of beautiful and singable music, so that everyone can participate.

Family Shabbat Morning Services: A few times during the year, Family Shabbat Morning Services are held. The liturgy is family-friendly, the music is folksy, and the Rabbi tells a story to go with the parashah. All are welcome!

New Member Welcome: Each year, we welcome new members to the Har Zion family with a New Member Welcome Service. All new members are specially invited, and come to the bimah for a special blessing offered by the Rabbi and the entire congregation.

Chagigat haChomesh—The “Festival of Fives”: At our late service in April or May, we celebrate with all Har Zion couples who are celebrating an anniversary with a multiple of five that year. The couples are given boutonnières and process into the Sanctuary to be honoured, starting with the longest-married couple. During the service, the couples renew their vows. Special music is part of worship that night, and a festive Oneg Shabbat—complete with wedding cake!—follows.

MHarZY Service: MHarZY (Members of Har Zion Youth) is our Senior Youth Group, for teens in grades 9-12. Once a year, MHarZY leads our worship using a creative liturgy they have prepared. We have been blessed over the years with beautiful, musical services led by the future leaders of our people.

Shabbat Dinners: A few times during the year, we celebrate Shabbat as a community at our pot-luck Shabbat dinner. Members contribute to the meal as we sing, pray, eat and welcome in Shabbat.

Friday Night Live: Twice a year we celebrate Shabbat with a live band and extra-musical service.

Kol Bo Shabbat: In the Fall, Winter and Spring, the 3rd Friday of the month is an “All in” experience of Erev Shabbat including a small band, visual t’filah and an entirely musical worship experience.  This is followed by a delicious Shabbat meal and song session.