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Temple Har Zion was founded with a strong, positive vision of Judaism and congregational life. We want each family member to feel comfortable and see Har Zion as an extension of the home.  

To reach that goal, we encourage participation in all aspects of our community’s life. The synagogue’s members have created committees, activities and opportunities for active involvement in the decision-making process. We want our Temple to be a community of people who care for and about one another as well as rejoice with and support each other through life’s experiences and events.

As a Reform Jewish congregation, we are part of a dynamic, developing movement. We are linked philosophically and historically with the creative and successful ways Judaism has faced the challenges of change and growth over the past 4,000 years. We meet those challenges by believing that our religion and teachings are eternal but the forms may change.

As a movement and a synagogue, we are committed to the rich possibilities of a full and involved Jewish life including:

  • preserving our Jewish heritage and teaching it to our children
  • making our services meaningful and accessible
  • reinforcing and enhancing Jewish identity
  • providing family participation
  • ensuring equality for men and women in all aspects of Temple life
  • emphasizing adult education
  • committing to social action

We welcome those who share this vision of Jewish life. We believe that the stronger our community life is, the more ways there are to enjoy the fullness and satisfaction that Jewish living brings.